Kevin is an exceptional teacher, creating the right mix of rigor and enjoyment for his students. Both my sons have experienced many years of drum and guitar lessons and he has laid the foundational skills for their musical development, giving them a passion and interest in composing and playing music for the rest of their lives.
—Emily Bosanquet

Kevin was recommended to me by my wife’s work-colleague. Apparently, if you were serious about learning classical and/or flamenco guitar, he was the person to see. I had no former training and was looking to learn guitar and learn how to read music. Kevin is a great teacher and is really fun to work with. He keeps me on track, is patient, and handles my progress amazingly. He gives great suggestions on what songs to play next and how to get to the next level of play. I especially appreciate learning the details on musical notation, keys, and how to approach more complex pieces. Kevin is a fantastic choice if you want to learn guitar.
— Matthias Ploetz

I’m 53 years old. I have some experience with music from high school. I lead a fairly busy life but still want to learn how to play my grandpa’s old guitar. Kevin has the musical mastery necessary to assess all the scattered skills, aptitudes and limitations I bring to the classroom. He adapts his lessons to me and my special circumstances. He sets reasonable goals for me and helps me achieve them. With him, I always feel challenged without feeling discouraged. He lets me decide how dedicated I want to be while still encouraging me to aim a little higher. His mastery of the guitar allows him to articulate and demonstrate each fine detail of playing this instrument. I can describe what I’ve learned at the end of every lesson. Because of Kevin, my grandpa’s guitar will continue to make music in my family. Thanks, Kevin!
—Keith Getchell

Our 10 year old son has been drumming with Kevin for two and a half years and still looks forward to every weekly lesson. Kevin takes extra time and effort, designing lessons to match the musical interests and experience level of our son. I believe this personalized approach is what keeps our kid motivated to learn and improve. In addition to improving drumming skill and understanding how to read music, we also see in our son a growing positive self image and confidence based on his musical accomplishments and Kevin’s encouragement.
—Chris Larson